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How To Register Or Renew Your Boomers Membership

If you already registered for 2020 on our previous website ( then your account will be transferred to this new website with an active status, meaning you don’t have to do anything but reset your password.

If you had an account on, but had not yet renewed for 2020, you have 2 options to renew:

  • renew/register online
  • renew/register in the OVA office

Renew/ Register Online:

  • Reset your password/ Sign-in
    You may skip this step if you are completely new to Oakmont Boomers
  • Choose your membership option (click here to view them)
  • After choosing option, complete purchase and/or checkout form
    • Using your email address as your username can make it easier to remember, and it is guaranteed to be unique.
  • Submit payment via PayPal
    Our checkout form will take you to PayPal

Renew/ Register in the OVA Office:

  • Either choose a Pay Later option on this website, or download/print & fill out the registration form
    If choosing the Pay Later option you should first Reset your password/Sign-in, unless your are completely new to Oakmont Boomers
  • Submit payment in the OVA Office into the Oakmont Boomers club folder
    Staff will direct you to the folder if you need help.
    • If using the registration form, please include it with your payment
    • If online form was filled out (through the Pay Later option), please include your email address with your payment in the office so we may match it up to your data online.